Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This is the first installment of our ARTISAN INTERVIEW series.
Through these interviews you will get a better look at the lives of the ladies
and their work with tukula.

First up is tukula's very first seamstress, Nakato Bennah.

JOE: What are some things that tukula has helped you to do?
BENNAH: Tukula has helped me to earn some money to look after myself. Sometimes I can find when there is no money at home, when my husband has no money, so this money can help us and help my kid. It has also helped me to help other people.

J: What are 3 things that you like about your job?
B: I like my job because it gives me peace, I am working with free people who don't put pressure on me, naturally I like it like that.

J: How has tukula helped you besides financially?
B: They are friendly, they are close, and open to us, we can talk about anything we want.

J: What do you want for your future?
B: Since I am a tailor right now I would like to get my own workshop in the future with 10 machines around to teach others, for those who want to learn.

J: What would you like to say to people buying your bags?
B: I want to thank everybody who buys our bags because it has helped us in so many ways. If there was nobody to buy we would be losing jobs and losing courage but when their buying we can support ourselves like that.
Really, I thank them very much!

To learn more about Bennah and her family visit:

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