Thursday, February 23, 2012

Meet Benji

Since the beginning of tukula, Joe has definitely been outnumbered by all the ladies in the group. So when Bennah had a baby boy, Jacob, the men of tukula became two. And now we have a third man, Benji. For the last few months, Joe and myself have been living with Benji in the Pleroo house. He has made us laugh until we cry and took us in without even thinking twice.

So, when we were in search of a In-Country Director we knew Benji would be a perfect fit. The women like him so much and Sally has even said "Benji is my best friend even though he is crazy crazy" (the crazy part involves a story about bean but that's a whole different blog in itself).

We're so grateful for Benji's willingness to work with us and we can't wait to learn and grow together!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Made with Love

We went step by step with Sally while she made the Shami Bag.
Here it is in 852 photos! Enjoy!