Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sweet Flavia has been coming to shop after school everyday since January. She is six years old and the Niece of Sally, from deep in the village of Arua (Northern Uganda). When Sally returned to Jinja from visiting her family in Arua this past Christmas and New Years she brought back little Flavia so she could attend school in Jinja Town. When Flavia came to Jinja she didn't know any English or even the local language in Jinja (luganda) - she only new her village language. Since starting school Flavia has learned a lot of English and Luganda and loves playing with her new friends. She is quite Sassy and ALWAYS singing or humming. The ladies in the jinja shop say that she is their radio. Flavia has also been an inspiration to our WEE GROW line. She would often take the scrap pieces of fabric from the bags and wrap them around her head or knot them all together. We thought the bright Kitenge prints looked so cute on her so we decided to make the headwraps in kid sizes. Since Sally works for tukula she is able to pay for Flavia to go to a good school close to their home. We love seeing the money the women make being used on their families and the community around them.

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