Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dear Friends:
We wanted to let you know that this Holiday Season we got your back.
That's why we have compiled a bunch of our products to help you find that perfect gift for everyone on your list.

For the Teacher, Group Leader, or Student:
The Tote BagAvailable in blue and tan and a special fall print on our Roozt page.

For the mom on the go:
The BEEheld Baby Sling and BEEloved Diaper Bag

Form the Make-up lover:
Radiant Cosmetic bag and Uganda Collection

For the kids:
WEE-GROW T-shirt and Kid-Wraps

For the day-tripper or adventure seeker:
The Sling Bag
Available in sugar plum and poinsettia

For your sister or mom:
The Shami Bag
Available in Cranberry or Harvest

For yourself or your best friend:
Fold over Clutch

The perfect stocking-stuffers:
The Headwrap and Fabric Bracelet

I hope this guide helps you while you're deciding what to get for your friends and family!
Oh, and please remember our gift to you this season: ONE FREE HEADWRAP with every order!

grace and peace,

Monday, November 5, 2012

all things new

A lot going on here at tukula!
We just launched two new products: The fold-over clutch and the fabric bracelet

Our partner companies Radiant Cosmetics & The little Bee Co both launch new products by the tukula ladies

Ember Arts started selling a new version of our headwraps made by Sally on their website.

For the months of November and December we will be selling our items at the very popular Prince Street Cafe in Lancaster,PA!

We will be selling select items on the RELEVANT store.

Our new Partners at Given Goods will be launching their website in TEN days and you will be able to purchase tukula and a lot of other great social brands items there.

AND we will be having another exciting giveaway coming up this week!
Thank you so much for continuing to spread the word about tukula and supporting us so well!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A give-away of sorts!

We're launching two new products on November 5th and we couldn't be more excited about them!
Head on over to  our facebook page and enter yourself in a chance to win both products!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Be sure to check our online store. Some of our favorite items and prints are on sale for a limited time!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I remember when we first met Sally like it was yesterday. I saw nothing but teeth as she nervously giggled when I greeted her. Even when I would ask her a question she would just giggle and quietly respond with hers eyes always on the floor.  During my recent trip to Jinja I would often sit in the workshop and help cut fabric or count bags and watched as people would come in and Sally would loudly say "You are welcome!" and shake their hands or give familiar faces hugs. One day while we were reminiscing about her joining tukula I commented on how much more she talks and she said:

"Auntie, I never use to hug people or even talk so much until I met you and Uncle Joe. You have taught me to talk and hug everyone."

My heart exploded and I couldn't help but feel this overwhelming sense that dignity had been restored to Sally not through anything we did but through her own talents and ambition.

As I get caught up in marketing and branding I forget that there is so much more to tukula than just selling bags. There's this whole other side of it that is allowing the women's spirits to be uplifted and to pass that along to the community around them through a hug or even a friendly greeting.

Learn more about Sally at:

Saturday, August 25, 2012