Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Name Dropping Wednesday #2

I can't believe it's already Wednesday!
So here is round 2 of showing thanks to those who deserve some thanks!

The Pulsera Project is a family who turned a vacation into an incredible journey to color the world. Much like tukula they work with people in Nicaragua to create jobs and care for Nicaraguan Communities. We're in the process of working with them to help provide more jobs in Uganda. They are a very encouraging and genuine bunch who do what they do out of such a joyful spirit. We are SO THANKFUL for all the way ways they have come alongside of us.

 I was "surfing the web" one day when I came across Moriah's etsy shop. She makes amazing jewelery and scarves and other fun accessories. On item that really caught my eye was a necklace with a Singer Sewing Machine Charm on it. The same singer sewing machine that the ladies of tukula use. I promptly bought 5 of them for the ladies and can't wait to give them to them the next time we visit. Moriah was so sweet when I made my purchase and didn't make me pay for shipping and put such a sweet note in the package. She has also allowed for us to advertise for free on her blog! We are currently working on a partnership with her to get these singer sewing machine necklaces to all of you! These little things that Moriah has done has added up to a whole lot of joy for us!

We are so thankful for everyone who encourages us!

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