Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Full Shop

A few days ago Bennah started working in our Jinja shop full time. The small shop is very busy now with Bennah, Susan, Sally, Sally's niece Flavia (5 -starting school on Feb.6), and Bennah's baby Jacob (1 year on Friday), and of course there are always visitors. I have been blown away with the great compassion these women have for each other and the community around them. One of our visitors who comes to the Jinja shop every day is a beggar lady who is always asking for money. The ladies gathered some small money amongst themselves and gave to her week after week. They have since found out about this ladies poor spending habits (alcohol and cigarettes) but if you have spent any time in Uganda you know that this kind of giving doesn't happen very often.

We are very proud of the Jinja shop ladies and the good character they are showing to the people around them. Thank you for helping to give them the opportunity to give to others!

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